Welcome to my Website :^)

what's this website about?

talking to my puter friends :)

actually just a place to dump all my hobbies:

  • digital art (trying to figure out comics rn)
  • indie games
  • horror movies (Jeffrey Combs 👀)
  • anything related to Artificial Life
  • i also want to get into creative writing
  • Star Trek stuff idk
But this is still under construction. so dont be too dissapointed if a link doesn't get you anywhere.
the gallery is finished though!

list of hobbies

  • digital art
    • some easthetic fusion of the organic and inorganic and the universe as a complex system
    • furries :3
  • movies
    • Cronenberg <3
    • old horror and sci-fi
    • Star Trek
    • shitty 80s budget movies
    • Jeffrey Combs
  • indie games
    • multi media <3
    • claymation <3
  • reseaching
    • Artifcial Life
    • computer science, math, physics, chemistry, biology, etc
    • history on queer liberation
    • paleontology
  • music 24/7